Dragon Ball Super’ Episode 85 Spoilers: Android 17 Recruitment!

Dragon Ball Super’ Episode 85 Spoilers: Android 17 Recruitment!

“Dragon Ball Super” has featured Android 18 a few times already, but fans have been wondering where Android 17 is. That question will soon be answered as the character is set to appear in episode 85.
According to Blasting News, the upcoming episode 85 of “Dragon Ball Super” will see the return of Android 17. This much was revealed in the synopsis of the episode.
Episode 84 will see Goku going to Krillin and Android 18’s place to recruit them for his cause. After that, in episode 85, he will head straight to Dende to inquire about the whereabouts of Android 17.

Fans are undoubtedly excited to see Android 17 again. It can be recalled that Android 17 was last seen in the Super Buu Saga in “Dragon Ball Z” where he was shown living as a park ranger after being revived by Vegeta’s wish. Android 17 used to be a villain in the series, but he transformed into a good guy and even helped Goku defeat Buu.

It is no secret that Android 17 is a powerful and formidable fighter. And with Universe 7 in danger, Goku has to look for the most capable of beings to help him. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that Android 17 would be on his list.

However, there is still a long way to go before Android 17 is reintroduced in episode 85. There are still episodes 82 to 84, with the first one airing on March 19. Episode 83 will then air on March 26 and, finally, episode 84 on April 2. That means episode 85 will not premiere until April 9.

And even though it may seem like a long wait, it may very well be worth it to see Goku gathering resources and recruiting reinforcements in order to save Universe 7. With a team consisting of Vegeta, Majin Buu, Krillin, Piccolo, Gohan, Tenshinhan, Master Roshi, Android 18 and Android 17, the Universe Survival Arc is definitely one to watch.


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